3D View Open GL

Visualize your data in 3D !


3D View Open GL

Here at CardGio Inc we don’t just write software – we give it life. Imagine at the click of the button your data transforming into a 3D Model which can then be rotated and examined closer and inside out. Imagine then printing that 3D model and being able to hold your idea in your hands or pass it around at the business meeting table. Our company gives this opportunity to our customers as we developed our unique 3D Open GL Data Visualisation software.  Our product is superior to that of our competitors by being able to create more realistic life-like models and by being more detailed. For our casing CardLine software and our pipeline Dela software this feature comes included as a pug in. It could also be purchased for other tool data visualization projects included below for the lower price than that of our competitors.

We build 3D Open GL Data Visualisation for:

  • Casing Caliper Data
  • Casing MFL Data
  • Pipeline Corrosion MFL Data
  • Pipeline Shape On Ground Data
  • Crack In Metal Shape for UT (Ultrasonic Technology), or Magnetic Investigation Data
  • 3D Wellbore Trajectory using MWD (Measure While Drilling) Data

CardGio prioritises our customers’ needs and will develop upon request 3D Visualization for any other tool’s data.

3D OpenGL casing corrosion
3D OpenGL collar problem
Planimetry map fragment with all field facilities, relief contour map and P/L under design