Casing Inspection

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The world is driven by innovations- this is why CardGio Inc always strives to be one step ahead of the status quo. To push the boundaries of the ordinary and to create something truly brave and unique- is our goal. CardGio Inc is the visionaries, it is the scientists, and it is the programming specialists who united in a vision to become leaders in oil and gas and geodesic data processing software developing.

Our internationally sold range of software products includes Casing Inspection, Pipeline Design, FootPrint Removing and Land Volume Calculation. Our superior 3D Open GL Visualisation techniques will bring your data to life by creating computer 3D model or a 3D-printed model of your data, allowing you to literally hold your ideas in your hands.

We differentiate from our competitors by the higher calibre of product quality, data processing speed and software customization, tailored specifically to each of our customers' needs and wants. Our prices are guaranteed to be less than that of our competitors as we believe that truly good software is also an affordable one. Our software will save you your time and money.

We take pride in each of our customers and provide an immediate 24 hour assistance with any questions you might have, as we know that good business is build on good relations.

Find out more about our software products above and feel free to contact our executive team. It will be our pleasure to get to know and assist you and your business.